[[i was standing in line at Office Depot and noticed this dude kinda looked like Mark Ruffalo… S.H.E.I.L.D. Is in my town-!]]

[[i was standing in line at Office Depot and noticed this dude kinda looked like Mark Ruffalo… S.H.E.I.L.D. Is in my town-!]]

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You walk in on my character attempting to commit suicide, what do you do?





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Munday Symbols


❤ - Any tumblr senpais
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❧ - A ship I have with your character
✗ - A ship I can’t stand
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Bad Day


Darcy had left work early and had since spent most of her day simply wandering around town. Today was just one of those days when she didn’t want to work. She wanted to relax, take a step back from work and simply enjoy herself. The only problem was that it was overcast and cloudy. Turning a corner in the park she saw a bench and she smiled. Quickly her smile faded when a man sat down on the bench.

A sigh escaped her as she looked around for another bench but there weren’t many in this part of the park. With a shrug she walked over and sat on the other end of the bench. She didn’t say much to the man, turning her attention to the book that she cradled in her lap until the heard a lighter. It was quickly followed by the unmistakable smell of cigarette smoke. 

She’d quit smoking not to long ago but just the smell made her want one. “Can I bum a smoke?” The words were out of her mouth before she had the time to even think about them. Turning her head to look at him she saw him pinching the bridge of his nose. “Rough Day?”

The god glanced over at her, not really recognizing her at first. “… Yeah… Been kinda rough… Bad day at work.” He smiled and then pulled out his cigarettes, handing her one. “Go on, I shouldn’t be smoking right now anyway, my uh… boyfriend doesn’t like it that much… I just, y’know… needed one.” He stuffed it back into his pocket whenever she took one.

He took a puff and held it in for a few moments before slowly exhaling. The trickster didn’t really mind that she’d sat down beside him, he guessed maybe he needed to talk to more people anyway.

"Name’s Holt-" he said as he handed her his lighter so that she could light up too,

Bad Day

Loki gave a soft sigh and closed his eyes as he sat down on a bench. He reached into his pocket and grabbed his pack of cigarettes. Recently he’d cut back, but he was feeling pretty down today and thought a smoke would help him relax. He was feeling really… low… today.

He slipped the cigarette between his lips and grabbed his lighter, quickly flicking it open and raising it to the end. Inhaling deeply, he leaned his head back and stared up at the rather gloomy looking sky.

He just didn’t feel… worth it today… Damn, he just wanted to sleep… curl up in his bed and just disappear… Maybe he should call Bruce- maybe he could make this all go away- He usually did. When he was with Bruce everything just seemed a little less painful and a little more bright…

Maybe… maybe Bruce didn’t want to see him though…

He lowered his head and pinched the bridge of his nose. He’d just gotten off and wow it had been a crap day. He didn’t normally deal with asshole customers, but today must have been the day. Thank god he’d gotten off early or he might’ve stabbed someone.

Perfect || Drabble

Loki smiled and very softly kissed Bruce, slowly sliding his hands along the other’s abdomen and chest. He let his forehead rest against the other man’s as they leaned in to kiss one another, hands slowly exploring one another’s forms in the pitch blackness of Loki’s New York apartment. He could hear the soft pitter patter of rain against the glass windows just inches away from their heads, which he couldn’t help but smile over. It was as though the whole world was just background noise, like nothing else mattered but this very moment.

Like the rain was the softest of songs playing to help set everything into place. He didn’t care if they’d had to come running home after they’d gone walking, didn’t care how soaked they’d been or how cold they were after. All he cared about was his lover’s course hands running over his own porcelain flesh, how gentle those hands were… Had this been a month ago he’d never thought Bruce Banner was capable of such tenderness, such subtlety.

The god smiled as he let his own fingers tangle in those long, dark curls wondering to himself just how he’d been so lucky. How had he managed to capture such a gentle heart? How had he not crushed such this man? He asked himself every day…

Bruce was so very fragile. Loki was so afraid of hurting him, of breaking him further, of chasing him away… And yet, here they were again. Laying in each other’s arms. It was like the motions were pre-written, so natural and comfortable. Sensual. Everything just felt… right. Perfect.

He didn’t care what had happened, what anyone said about them… He didn’t care that the world thought they were both monsters because… they knew better. They knew each other well enough to know that all their doubts, all their fears, all their insecurities were wrong. They were perfect for each other, so very broken, and yet when brought together made a whole…



"I love you more," Bruce smiled, pressing a kiss to Loki’s bare shoulder as they sat together, his arms still wrapped protectively around his Frost Prince. His skin was cooler now since he had been holding Loki but it certainly wasn’t yet at a point of being uncomfortable. 

He wished that even for a split-second he could allow Loki to see himself through Bruce’s eyes so he could truly understand how much he was loved. Bruce didn’t see the red eyes and blue skin of a monster, all he saw was his lover…

"You’re my world Loki, and nothing changes that. You complete me and this," he whispered, kissing his shoulder, "is something I’d love to see whenever you are confident to share it."

Loki nodded and gently laid his head against Bruce’s shoulder, turning towards him as best he could so that he could wrap his arms around his partner. Gods, he loved Bruce. How, how could he love him so terribly? How had he fallen in love with this man so quickly?

It didn’t really matter, he loved him, and that was that, and Bruce loved him too. And everything was perfect…

He let out a soft sound and moved to kiss him again, slowly pushing him back against the bed, falling on top of him. Sliding both arms around Bruce, he pulled himself tight, squeezing the man as though his life depended on it.

"… You are too good for me, you know that Bruce Banner?" he smiled faintly and looked up at him, tears still in his eyes.



Sighing Bruce slid off the bed for a moment, grabbing the large full length mirror that hung on the back of the bathroom door. He propped it up against the dresser and crawled back into bed behind Loki so they could see their reflection clearly. 

"I want you to look up, face yourself," he whispered softly, wrapping his arms around Loki. "You’re beautiful…so amazing and stunning it should be a crime. You’re not a monster, you’re a son of Jotunheim…and that’s nothing to be ashamed of."

"Do you know what I see when I look at you? I see the eyes of the man I love, eyes that I could lose myself forever in. I see cool flesh, beautifully marked…a map I want to memorize with my lips…I see the person who completes me, my entire heart and soul wrapped up in one stunning package."

Loki flinched at his touch again, but obeyed and looked up at his reflection in the mirror. At first he couldn’t stand the sight, but the more Bruce spoke, the easier it seemed. Loki closed his eyes, forcing the tears back. He didn’t want to cry, not now.

He shifted where he sat, then turned his head to look back at Bruce. Opening his eyes, he leaned close and kissed him softly, hands gripping the sheets, telling himself that it was alright… When he parted from the kiss, he let out an almost inaudible whimper.

"… I love you. So much…" he breathed out, letting his head rest against Bruce’s. He wanted to just curl up in bed with him and melt away. "Thank you…" He didn’t know why he was thanking him, he just felt he needed to. He needed to thank him…