Late Night Phone Call


Come over?

Steve mulled over the request in his mind. There didn’t seem to be anything wrong with it, initially, and you just couldn’t fake Loki’s current state of distress.

Two things came to mind: 1) Loki was distressed. 2) Steve personally felt he should be a whole lot more suspicious than he was. Sure, Steve didn’t completely trust Loki, either, but situations like this were classic red flashing signs for trouble. Yet, Steve’s intuition kept telling him otherwise.

"Sure. That would be fine. Unless you would rather come to my apartment? I know you appreciate your privacy. Otherwise, you can text me the address right now and I’ll be there right quick."

The soldier was already up so he could change into some fresh clothing while he waited for Loki’s reply. He put the phone on speaker and pulled on a tee shirt over his tank top.

And then he thought of something; “We can stay on the line until we meet.”

"T-thank you…" He swallowed a lump in his throat that had formed in the silence. "And no- it’s alright- you can come over here… Maybe finally see some of my paintings-" He chuckled dryly and took the phone from the side of his head, staring down the impossibly bright screen. Carefully, he typed in his address and sent the text, hoping Steve wouldn’t be long.

"I would like that- I just…" He couldn’t handle being alone right now… not again. "Really need someone to talk to right now I guess." He felt so small for admitting that he needed someone right now… He was terrified that they still had some form of control over him- that they really were still in his mind-

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An Unusual Meeting in the Park


Careful, observing eyes kept their attention on Loki, and Steve slowly nodded his head when the trickster finally answered.

Then he went back to scanning his short list of things. He’d make a more appropriate dossier when he made it back to his own apartment. Still, some things kept floating around in his mind. Part of him was worried about Thor finding Loki, too. Mostly because after seeing Loki today, he didn’t want to think of the other being dragged back to Asgard. Thor seemed like a good guy and a steady battle ally, but when it came down to it Steve didn’t know him or Asgardian culture. Steve looked up when he heard the reply of gratitude.

A half-smile tugged on the corner of his lip; “I’m just sorry it made you uncomfortable.” Well, he was and he wasn’t. Loki had brought discomfort down on a lot of people, but Steve was a fair person and Loki was genuinely remorseful. The Captain had an eye for that sort of thing. “I don’t like these file things, either. It really shouldn’t be SHIELD’s business, especially when people don’t want it.”

Taking the paper, he folded it up and put it into the breast pocket of his shirt. He hoped it wouldn’t get wet when they left.

"That’s it. I won’t ask you anything more, but I will keep this updated as we continue meeting up." Steve looked at Loki one more time; "Thank you. For cooperating, I mean. It’ll mean a lot in the long run."

Ultimately, Steve realized that it was his job to protect people from SHIELD, even though there should have been nothing to protect them from in the first place.

He felt bad. He should tell the other the truth- especially when the mortal trusted him so… It was odd really, that this man- his former enemy- trusted him…

"No- I should be thanking you- for not telling them of my presence here in New York… You didn’t have to do this- you didn’t have to bring me out to lunch and act as a friend… And after the things that had transpired… I am surprised you did not try to kill me." He smiled faintly and looked down at his milkshake, taking a small sip. "I can see now why you are so well liked by your people."

He always knew though, always knew what kind of a man Steve Rogers was- he’d learned from the Agent- he’d read his files- knew bits and pieces about him. He’d tried using them against the Captain then- but now-

"… Let’s talk about something else though-" He wanted to steer the conversation away from SHIELD, away from what happened then… What mattered was NOW.

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Autumn Moon || fluffybanner


Bruce’s tongue lolled out of his mouth happily

The scholar smiled as they made their way back towards the first field they had stopped at.

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Foolish Mistake || theirongenius


"Not unless you give me a reason to." Tony replied simply as he entered the tower. He was being rather laid back about the situation, but something told him that Loki wasn’t here to hurt anyone. The mechanic made his way toward the elevator that would take them to the living/kitchen area.

Loki followed behind him carefully, looking around as he entered the building. There were cameras everywhere- it made him terribly uncomfortable really, but he guessed if the mortal was going to turn him in he would have done so by now. Slowly, he stepped into the elevator beside him and folded his hands neatly behind his back. “… You have not changed terribly- Mr. Stark…”

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On The Hunt | laevisiloki


Clint let out a soft noise and his muscles in his back flexed. He couldn’t help but dream about Loki. The fae just..had a hold over him that he couldn’t explain.

The fae watched him closely, tilting his head to the side as he gently traced the scars with his soft, cool fingers. He began humming softly to himself as he watched the mortal, crimson eyes studying his movements and reactions to his delicate touch.

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Unintentional || coolagenthawkeye


"Could be better could be a lot worse:" he sighed

He nodded. “That is very true… How are the others?” He felt odd for asking such a question. He wondered if they looked at the marksman differently as well since everything.

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A series of unfortunate coincidences.


Tony preferred being out of his Tower, sometimes being locked away in there got him thinking too much and that only spiraled into bad anxiety attacks - being outside meant he couldn’t because people would stop and stare. He watched Loki out of the corner of his eye, interacting with the customers as they walked in and serving them there drinks, he was good at it but was it all fake? Was he genuinely a nice person deep down? Maybe Tony would eventually find out.

Whenever things started to slow down, he pulled his co-worker aside in the back. He was gone for a short period of time, but when he returned he pulled off his hat and went over to the table Tony was sitting at. “She said I could get off a little early-” He ran a hand through his curly hair and then made a face, realizing how badly he probably needed a shower. He swore though- the scent of coffee forever clung to his clothing at this point.

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Foolish Mistake || theirongenius


"I would hope so." The billionaire replied as one brow quirked higher than the other. His chocolate hues followed the God as he stood, though Tony made no movements toward him. Instead, he began to turn towards the tower’s entrance. "You still up for that drink?" He wondered if Loki would remember the small joke they had.

The trickster watched Tony closely as he stood, running a hand through his curly hair as the mechanic made his way towards the tower entrance. “…I suppose so-” He needed something to lighten the mood- but he doubted whatever the hell the mortal had in stock wouldn’t be enough to ease his nerves. “It depends though, are you going to call SHIELD?”

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On The Hunt | laevisiloki


He licked his lips and arched up, one of his hands coming up to run through his hair. Part of him hadn’t wanted Loki to leave but he knew he couldn’t keep the fae. It wouldn’t be right. He needed to be free, away from him and far away from the King.

The fae gently traced the scars along the mortals back, settling in beside him. He wondered where the huntsman had gotten such scars… They looked somewhat old- and they looked like they had been very painful.

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Question time-

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